Well thank you WhatsApp web for this useful error. I just want to hear that audiomessage, that should not be so difficult that you forget your own fucking message. Damn you WhatsApp!

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    it's a nice way of saying OK to whatever you ask it; it's a feature
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    @g-m-f I know it's way to bright but I don't think there is a dark mode for it or at least I havn't found it.
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    @asgs It would be but it aborted my requested feature. It probably thiks this Error is way more important I wouldn't Need anything else.
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    Discord has the best text chat available at the moment. Fuck WhatsApp with their shit.
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    @Scrumplex I know and I really prefer Discord over WhatsApp but sadly most other People still use it so I have to too.
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    @DjWawa that is the problem with most innovations in tech industry. Doesn't matter if something is more innovative or not. If more people use one thing the second thing is not as successful as the first thing. (Except for Android and iOS)

    Good examples:
    Desktop PCs: Windows vs. Linux
    Messengers: WhatsApp vs. Every other messenger
    VoIP: TeamSpeak vs. Discord
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    Dark theme: use stylish

    they have a desktop client btw
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