#Love issues....

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    So? Where is the problem?
    Send her to me then.
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    @theofanis how much years is to be a senior dev ?
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    @Haxk20 Actually I am not a senior dev, but I have developed many end-to-end systems, apps, cms components. Also I know to program in enough languages and frameworks.
    So all these make me think that I have enough experience to get that girl.
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    @theofanis so I'm junior when I have 9 years experience in C and I'm still only 17. I know Java Android, C, C++ and i also do a lot of hardware stuff.
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    @Haxk20 9 years xp & 17 years old?
    Dafuq dude? WTF do you develop?
    You still can't get that girl, you are underage.
    That girl is mine.
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    @Haxk20 it's not about years it more about ability to solve your own issues without needing a senior dev to help
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    Maybe instead of asking her to be your girlfriend you should have just asked her to a movie or something.
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    I'm a student so I guess I'll have to wait a few years...
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    ^^ This guys knows how to get a girl
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    @MichaelJJames well i can solve my own problem quickly without the help of stackoverflow or other guys.
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    @theofanis i do a lot of apps at android and with C/C++ im making games with sdl2 and yes that many years already :)
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    @theofanis and abot the girl "fuckkkk maybe i can find younger coding girl LOL"
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    @Haxk20 It is not so easy...
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    As long as your position is higher than hers technically you're a "senior" dev..
    otherwise just hack her shit and send her creepy ransom style love messages. Works every time! 👌🏼
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    Meh, it doesn't matter if a woman is a coder. Just make sure she's a good woman and you're all set.
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