My dad just got his abdominal surgery done. The surgeon was shocked how bad it became. He wasn't expecting it to be this bad. From an expected 1.5h surgery it prolonged to 4.5h... Thank God it went well and my dad is awake now from anesthesia. Now he has to rest in hospital for a few days. I was stressing so much about this. Thank you God🙏🙏🙏🙏☦️☦️☦️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    Good. Here hoping it all goes well from here on.
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    not to be too cynical, but: thank the doctors instead of god, who either doesn't exist or allowed the sickness in the first place.

    but still. glad your father's okay.
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    Congrats to your family and the doctors ♥️
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    Glad it worked out.
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    Thanks guys ❤️
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    @magicMirror hes in pain. I guess thats normal after first day of surgery. Hoping for the best🙏
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    @tosensei been thinking about that too. There was a post i saw once "when a doctor saves a patient's life; people thank God, but when a doctor fails to save the patient's life; people blame the doctor". I am truly grateful for the doctor. This is a real doctor who knows what he's doing
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    @MammaNeedHummus Yes❤️
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    @JS-Guy ❤️❤️❤️
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    Nice to hear he got the operation already. Thought he had to wait some time though it sounded quite urgent. I'm glad that wasn't the case. Hope he recovers fast and you can enjoy life together for quite some time to come.
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    @hjk101 we had to bring him to emergency hospital room to get him checked by other more professional doctors and as soon as they checked him they realized how bad the state is so they immediately had to schedule the surgery on the same day... He went to other hospitals where doctors don't give a fuck about people who just told him "you have to wait till august and MAYBE then you can get an appointment"

    Fuck all of those bullshit doctors. These professional doctors are the REAL doctors who care about saving people more than money
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