I am building a live streaming app.

General public: why don't you use periscope

I am building a photo sharing app

General public: why don't you use Instagram

I am building a social network

General public: why don't you use Facebook

I am build a audio app

Genera public: why don't you use sound cloud

Developer: WHY DONT YOU ALL FUCK OFF I am building it anyway dickhead

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    Build it and make it better!
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    I have questioned what the next big thing could be:
    If we think about the apps and websites that have been successful in the last years they have covered 2 of the 5 senses:
    Hearing: iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud
    Sight: YouTube, Instagram
    So, you have 3 left: smell, touch and taste.
    So my suggestion is a social media app where you can share smells. 😉
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    I also have a question how can we make this rant relevant to the physical world?
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    @mossesandberg it's just all going to move to virtual reality there will be the first virtual reality flappy birds anytime soon!
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    @sedev virtual reality flappy bird would make me kill somebodies cat
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    @mossesandberg *Farts in the smell-o-sharer cup* mihihi ^^,
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