Years ago, when i was a teenager (13,14 or smth) and internet at home was a very uncommon thing, there was that places where ppl can play lan games, have a beer (or coke) and have fun (spacenet internet cafe). It was like 1€ per hour to get a pc. Os was win98, if you just cancel the boot progress (reset button) to get an error boot menu, and then into the dos mode "edit c:/windows/win.ini" and remove theyr client startup setting from there, than u could use the pc for free. How much hours we spend there...

The more fun thing where the open network config, without the client running i could access all computers c drives (they was just shared i think so admin have it easy) was fun to locate the counter strike 1.6 control settings of other players. And bind the w key to "kill"... Round begins and you hear alot ppl raging. I could even acess the server settings of unreal tournament and fck up the gravity and such things. Good old time, the only game i played fair was broodwar and d3 lod

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    I wish i would bring memories with me when i become an adult...
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    We had a place like that when i was a teenager too. Kinda miss it.

    And i guess you mean d2 ;) best game ever, played it for 10 years.
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    @Wholteza lol yes d2 ofc xd
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    Recently had to print a document while traveling. Went into such a place and the flashback was real.
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    A beautiful childhood
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