I would love to get a OnePlus 5 but they don't support my carrier...

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    Disclaimer: still a student and on my family's phone plan, I would never pay for Verizon's absurd prices myself
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    @TheBardAbaddon US Carriers give great deals right?
    All I hear is T-Mobile is giving a buy one get one BOGO offers on Samsung Galaxy S8 something like that in blogs!
    Is there any hidden terms and conditions?
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    @elonmusk Well yes, T Mobile is doing that offer. That's the brand OnePlus supports. Verizon is basically the Apple of phone carriers, in that they have the biggest coverage and number of users, but their prices are double that of smaller, just-as-good brands (like TMobile)
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    I think Oneplus 5 supports GSM network and Verizon uses CDMA
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