Me as a mobile app developer trying to add a button to a page of a .Net website:
So, what do i need to do?

Web developer:
Oh that's easy. You need to edit that template which produces html, add an event in there that will call a javascript function, which is in a .js file, which is generated from a typescript file. Than you should give that button a style. Simply by opening up that .less file here and adding a class which will be translated to css later. In that c# file over there you add a bundle reference which contains the css and js files, but before that, they must be minified. In that other c# file, you add a controller that handles your button.
Aaand... take care of new js features and css features. Most browsers don't support them. Those cool C#7 features you love so much... not in this project. Our build servers don't support C#7. Those new features are evil anyway.


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    It's not that bad, you can check Microsoft Virtual Academy for free course on asp.net they will explain in depth the framework and how it works. Good luck!
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    What’s wrong with plain html/js/css? That’s a lot easier.
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    I am only now starting c#. This is what I'm getting into!? Holy shitsnacks!
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    I've been learning this stack for a little over a month now. I rate myself 3/10.

    I learned node.js for an API project in the same time earlier this year. I rate myself 7/10.

    .net is hard :(
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    @karakamen @craig939393 its not that C#/.NET is hard, it's that web development is a ragtag of languages and tools glued together in an application/website, which in turn means having to learn a lot more than writing clean OOP code in C#
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