10 years ago I was using Notepad (not ++) as my "text editor."

Thank God I graduated from that

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    Notepad (not ++) was hard for me 10 years back so started using Microsoft Frontpage just to learn web coding, later on, moved to Dreamweaver. Damn it was a fucked up world.
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    @error503 But there was already Notepad++ and Eclipse back then. Why would you use Notepad and Dreamweaver or ... (ughh) Frontpage?

    In that golden time I was struggling with Notepad2 vs Notepad++ vs Eclipse vs Aptana Studio (same as Eclipse but better)
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    @error503 Sometimes I still cry thinking about my Dreamweaver days; it was so bad I actually somehow preferred Notepad instead 😕
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    @apisarenco and @GEARWasHere I was not aware of Notepad++ since I didn't have the Internet at home. I was using the Internet from University for few hours a day for the assignment. My survival was e-books that I used to download while doing my assignment. All those fucken e-books used Notepad.
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