Oh god why this Wi-Fi isn't working???😑😑😑
I'm totally fed up of finding new WiFi around. This place sucks!!!

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    This has been my enraging life for the last year and a half..... 😡
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    TIP: On Android use WiFi kill to block some devices on the network to make it faster for you. I do this every morning on the bus going to work.
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    @Gradle Woah how does that work?
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    @NiPfix You need root access to use that. First you connect to the WiFi, scan the network for devices and then you can block any device by IP. It's working! First I tried with a friend. And one last thing: Don't worry. After you turned off the app, everything goes back to normal and people can use the internet again.
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    Guys build yourself an esp 8266 WiFi deauther
    I build myself one in February and it is so useful:
    Our school WiFi is slow because all teachers are in it no students except me and my friends ( aircrackng manages lol) and when I started to use this device I could watch YouTube in the breaks xD
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