Purchasing a new computer these days....

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    or just install Linux?
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    @Oceas I second Linux.
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    Why Windows?
    Don't you have work to do?
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    I'm usually on Mac, but every time I get on a new Windows machine I'm blown away at what Windows users put up with.
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    Linux pls!
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    step 3 is wrong... Install linux
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    I dont know why every one hate windows especially windows 10, i have windows 10 on my machine with vs 2015 and it works perfect.
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    Haha linux fans who think linux is best for everything! Windows works perfectly fine and in terms of UI/UX it is actually more productive and user friendly than any linux distro.
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    I must say I have attempted to switch to Linux a few times (Mint, Ubuntu, Arch, etc. ) I have always gone back to either my Mac or Windows. I still feel that Linux is not friendly and has a steep learning curve. But in no way am I saying Linux is not good. If I had a way to learn it completely without drinking from the firehouse I completely would attempt to get back to Linux.
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    Source: commitstrip
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    @pirhanas Have you used a recent Linux distribution? Linux is made by power users, it is the most productive OS available. Don't blame your familiarity with Windows and your lack thereof for your inability to use Linux efficiently. Windows is the worst OS in many respects, user-friendly-ness included.
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