There are two types of people :
1. People who do backup
2. People who will start doing backup

Yesterday I advanced from type 2 to type 1 :-/

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    3- ppl who always sync online !!
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    4. people who never learn (like me)
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    Probably after a tragedy, am I right?
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    In saturday I made a slight change, and pushed to production... So damn happy I have back ups... and learned the lesson too...
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    Online sync is one of the backup mechanisms, isn't it? So I think you're type 1 :-)
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    Yes indeed, tragedy is the best teacher...
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    Welcome to the minority.
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    sigh... yeah... #1 till my notebook HDD was dead from one day to another... now I'm owning a Synology with 2x3TB :S
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    Type 3: people who think they have no data to lose or nothing to hide
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