Feature request for @dfox:
Swiping for rants:
Left = nay, right = yay
Or better:
Match making via rants for devSingles.

Just kidding! I love devRant the way it is. It's the best app. Probably the best of all. It's huge. You'll like it.

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    I always feel bad when people only mention @dfox. @trogus is in our hearts too. 😉
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    Also, get rid of avatars and let people upload a selfie. Camera option with photo filters (this is not 2003 people!). Make stickers digital so we can comment with them and I would definitely like to see more emojis!
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    @karakamen Exactly! And 24hr ephemeral stories feature coming right after @dfox finishes the live streaming video feature! Game changers!
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    I actually love the atmosphere these avatars give to devRant. It gives dR an unique personality other social media apps don't have.
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    @trogus @Condor Yes, but also add WordPres so people can add themes, modules and widgets... They can't delete them but only add them. Implement cross-platform with FB apps and chrome web store and we got a winner.
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    @trogus sarcastic?
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    And I forgot about our upcoming Moments feature, it's revolutionary! Here comes devRant 2.0!
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