Frigging corporate antivirus updated its definitions and decided a class generated by Gradle on my debug builds is an infection risk. And as it's an intermediate output and it's deleted and recreated every time, it sends a new alert every time. And sometimes it can't quarantine it because it's deleted faster than it's processed by the antivirus, so it's getting a higher and higher risk level each time. And I can't add it to the exclusion list because of a permissions issue. Oh well...

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    You are not an Admin on your machine?
    how can you develop like this?
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    @magicMirror, I'm partially an admin. But I can't touch stuff added by the "higher admin", to give them a name. Antivirus, email client and VPN software included. I only can use it.
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    @Eariel That is... strange. Root is pretty much Root all the way.
    Write an email detailing the time it took you to figure this out + estimated costs to your boss. Explain that this problem will happen in the future, and will cost the same delays/costs. if they are ok with this, you have a reason to not do anything for one week every month. If they are not Ok, then you get admin on your machine.
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    @magicMirror, it's because I'm an outsourced near-shore dev/contractor using their lent Mac. I guess they want to keep the chance to block me out as soon as the contract is done 😃
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    @Eariel oh gawd.
    Yup - that sounds about right, they give you subpar computer, and expect above avg results.... bastards.
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    @magicMirror, the computer is cool. But I just have limited access to stuff.
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