Week till deadline

PO: are we going to have feature xyz ?
Me: it wasn't in the original spec, we'll put it in the next spec.
PO: but we made a new spec for this fase yesterday and it is in that one.
Me: you can't do that you signed off the original spec before development started
Po: but we've signed this one off too
Me: ...

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    The world is full of idiots not capable of saying no.
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    "I dreamt feature last night, you were there, why don't you know about it?"

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    @ddephor oh they can say no, but only if it is in their favour or if you try to compromise
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    Get this all the time normally on code freeze day.

    Can we add this in?
    No it's code freeze were not allowed to add anything else until the next dev cycle.
    But it's only a small change.

    Small change thats being asked for would take three cycles to do.
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    @DarkMukke For the project guys it's always easier to say yes to the customer, because they don't have to do the work that follows this quick 'yes'.

    And many of these guys even don't understand, that they will have to explain the delay to the customer afterwards (Maybe because they can easily blame the developers for not keeping the deadline).
    So it seems, project hobos can't do anything wrong, it's always someone else's fault...
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    @ddephor i get that but we have no clients. We only develop internal business systems for the other departments
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