I prefer coding (at work ot private) with music, any good suggests what to hear today? (should be relaxing and not to much vocals, because they distract)

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    webradio, i like the station groove salad best.
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    @heyheni ima try it today, exoect my report after work =)
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    The Chill Nation upload list. They have vocals, but I don't know why, they are not distracting. When I hear Trap Nation or any other music channel, I often get distracted by the vocals.
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    Future garage on di.fm was a staple of mine until chrome stopped running flash
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    Mirror's edge soundtrack, H.U.V.A Network, Carbon based lifeforms. Lustmord.
    Thank me later
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    Ambient sounds. Ambicular specifically.
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    Also dubstep for lazy work. Monstercat is good. Or 7 nation army on repeat.
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    It's a lot, if you love some heavy but deep bass, try lo-fi.

    If you love music that build up kind of things, search for post-rock

    Or just try anything likes, chill-trap, jappanese hip hop, lofi-hop

    And here's my suggestion, just type these in youtube search bar and enjoy:

    1. XX - intro
    2. Porter robinson - shelter
    3. Porter robinson - goodbye to a world
    4. Petite biscuits - sunset lover
    5. Raider bag - shooting star
    6. Elijah who - gentle boy [full album]
    7. And last but not least, any chill mix made by koala kontrol.

    Enjoy ;)
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    @heyheni oj yes. And vaporwave!
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    @wolt was cool its now on my option when im in a chilly mood =) ty
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