I cant really understand all the hate about JavaScript. I learned C as my first language and I have to admit that once you think of js as a kind of C scripting language it all make so much more sense especially when it comes to optimizations which come with syntactic sugar like coffeejs and so on.

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    Exactly the same
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    JavaScript syntax is bad that's why we created TypeScript!
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    @Microsoft nice name mate
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    The problem with JavaScript is that it is the lowest common denominator, the quintessential proof-of-concept-that-got-shipped.
    Because it was first to reach market penetration it has been used and abused endlessly, each addition being a patch upon a patch. It was never intended for application-scope development, but the competition of browser providers and fragmentation of the web technology world has prevented the introduction of a proper, common web application language and framework that all major players could get behind.
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