Mobile first should not mean that you see absolutely nothing without scrolling because everything is so huge when you open the site with a fucking computer.

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    That'll be "mobile only"
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    I have never built mobile first! It’s so not a design led approach. Its so much easier to work the css for mobile after you have built the desktop environment. It just makes perfect sense to do it this way. I can’t see a good enough reason to work backwards. I have worked this way for the last 16 years. And every article i have read in mobile first favour fails to recognise the need for good design.
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    @helloworld depends, if 70-80% of your customers use mobile you might gain more from prioritizing mobile experience and some mobile patterns are hard to add afterwards without bug changes.
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    1password. Tried it out once.

    God. It's so annoyingly crap UX wise cause it's mobile first.

    At least I hope that was their intention cause otherwise I really pledge insanity.

    Same for others...

    If you don't know what I mean, here are some examples....

    - tabbing is not possible
    - thus submit -/ cancel -/ buttons unreachable
    - need to switch to mouse
    - someone thought it was clever to add gimmicks inside the input buttons
    - form becomes an colorful epileptic seizure as one entered few values wrong....
    - again, no tabbing
    - mouse going all over the place as some of the inputs are freakingly large...

    10 Minutes plus lost just because of "mobile" first.

    What works for touchscreens and is great for small screens sucks for regular keyboard input and large screens....
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    @IntrusionCM that does not sound as mobile first, more like no UX thought at all.
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    @Voxera might be.

    I think mobile first shouldn't mean mobile only, but I often see it built like that.
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