"So what are your hobbies?"

Me: "programming"

"No i mean your real hobbies, besides the work you do"

Me: *awkward silence*

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    @theScientist @Maxeh well, the hashtag applies to me. I program for fun when im done with work. Mostly its just the work though. No actual time for hobbies anymore anyway
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    Lol, you can always have hobbies besides Programming. It's just how you manage your time. I am a programmer, pianist, chef, fitness-freak, soccer player. And I earn good enough too.
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    Just commented on a different rant about an interview, and they asked me the exact same thing. My hobbies, i said programming, and they looked puzzled. **** you. I like it as a hobby also.
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    Make your hobby your profession and you will never have to work a single day in your life.
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    I showed a guy 80+ repositories with projects for my client work. And then he has the presence of mind to ask "do you have any side projects" - um no - motherfucker - I don't have a special github account for my side side projects. *tsk.
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    I can relate πŸ˜‚
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