Java: I'm the complete OOP Language

C: I'm used in most of the places

Python: I am the simplest language that can do wonders...

Assembly level Language: At last you all have to come to me. So all of you STFU.

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    But java compiles to byte code?
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    And python is scripted
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    @inukinator they just get compiled at runtime with a jit compiler. Everything becomes assembly, but there is a reason we used them.
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    @inukinator byte code is read by the jvm.. which is then converted to the appropriate asm instructions (depending on the architecture)

    Same thing with python.. when running a script, everything is interpreted by a VM (similar to JVM) which is ultimately converted to asm instructions

    I am by no means an expert in compilers / interpreters but I'm pretty sure the above statements are correct (and extremely over-simplified)
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    @iam13islucky @VirtualProtect well there are some CPUs that can run the Java byte code directly 😉
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    @Lythenas that's interesting! Do you know what these CPUs are called by chance? I'd actually like to look into that!
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    @VirtualProtect those were just experimental and are not being made anymore IIRC
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    One word , BrainFuck. ><[-+].,
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