Epic comment:

1+2+3+4+....infinity = -1/12
SRC: Numberphile

Dear god, id like to file a bug report(see attached video)

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    You can't attach a video. Post YouTube link.
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    @codepoet That was the comment on the video 😂. But here's the link though
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    Infinite sums are super bizarre
    I still don't really understand them.
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    Lol that's obviously not true and trivially provably so. It's absurd that he actually believes it's true instead of realizing he's got a bug in his logic.

    It's fascinating though the difference in how the programmer's mind works. We see something like that as a glitch in the matrix, which generally means something is broken elsewhere.
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    Finite sums != infinite sums

    Implementing a comparator for the two isn't possible.
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