people with 8+ years of work from office experience, is 9-6 the only truth of work life? today in sprint planning, our manager suggested assigning 81 hours of tickets in a 2 week sprint and when a lot of us had 60-65 hours of work he was like "ehh it seems less . junior mgr , look into the softwares and create more tickets"

2 week sprint is 9 days +1 day for sprint planning + 2 sat Sunday 🥲 . additionally it takes me arohnd 2 hours to reach home so i try to get out by 5 pm and everyone starts staring at me. as am a bad example, i will probably be hearing from my manager in future about this.

need some tips on handling a stable work-office life. i am a covid graduate so i have seen a great wlb in work from home but its a true reality that for mext 30 years , the chances to work from home for more than 5 cumulative years is next to 0. so need a permanent office hack.

i don't think buttering boss's ass is a reliable solution . i just wanna be back at home by 7, do some workout, roam in car/watch series/work on hobby project (aka relaxing) eat and die on my bed for next day's horrific life

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    You become numb to it eventually.
    Just remember, it could always be worse!
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    You could move closer to a company. Traveling is exhausting and expensive
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    9 days * 8 hours is an optimistic 72 hours per team member.

    When you WFO - you need 30m per day for the daily. Add 1 hour per day for misc meetings - Pre Planning, Retro, Groormming, Etc and another hour of breaks/office time waste. The reality is 6 hours of work per day. Not including commute... plus People hate it.

    Now WFH - you can work during the meetings, Breaks are efficient, and very little time is wasted. No commute. You can actually do an 8 hours a day. People love it.

    Your boss is a moron. If they complain to you, say OK, and start looking for another job. One that has WFH.
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    Fuck this. You're not a bad example. They are paying for 40 hours, they are getting 40 hours.
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    don’t do more than they fucking pay you for. Let the suckers suck dick.
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    I work from home for a long time now and don't have same amount of time in a office, but lately I too work 9-18h... I miss the time when I had trully flexible worktime and I was using it to start @ 6 and end max @ 14h and have the rest of the day 4 my stuff =]
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    In Italy we say: do you also want a slice of my ass?
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    By the time I put 40 hours in I am tired of anything code. Not a good time to be coding.
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    Sounds horrible. When we still logged hours we measured against a 50% focus factor, so 4 hours of effective programming per day. Everyone isn't 100% focused 100% of the time, there are meetings etc. That worked fairly well. Only an idiot would count an 8 hour work day as 8 hours of fully productive programming.
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    @ScriptCoded we call that velocity
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    I still remember my first ever office job - I was looking at the grey walls and other colleagues. I thought to myself - "Damn, this really gonna be my life for the next 2-3 years"

    Fortunately, WFH became a major thing in my lifetime and I ain't never going to the office again.

    Coming back to your problem, yeah you get used to it.
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    When I see sprint and hours in the same sentence I already know it's fucked. Story points are invented for a reason. Not everyone takes the same amount of time and other things than paying out code happens so with points you understand how much you can do in a sprint and be realistic about it.

    One of many search results on points vs hours:
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