Need some more stickers for my buddy.

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    @dfox @trogus

    You should start selling stickers in your shop too.
    I personally want:
    Apache stickers
    CentOS stickers
    VI stickers
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    @Linux certainly trademark issues w printing others' logos, but might be a way to get them wholesale and resell, good idea
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    Why should it be trademark issues? Unixstickers does it already
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    @Linux commercial, non-parody, non-editorial use of someone else's registered corporate mark sounds pretty off limits to me, but if others are doing it, I'll look into it
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    It's refreshing to see that not everyone is using a macbook.

    I miss having a laptop.
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    Draw a penis
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    @trogus it's been over a month I didn't receive my stickers.:(
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    @Piyush090 sending regular postal mail overseas can take a good while, certainly varies in time, but for mail to India, we've seen upwards of 2-4 months. Thanks for being patient!
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