very serious printer problem 🙁

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    typing is not supported on this keyboard
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    LP0 on fire
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    That's a nice driver issue right there.

    That, or it's just one giant piece of shit printer (after working at a company that deals in printers for a few years, I have developed a certain hatred for printers).
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    @matsaki95 yeah 😄
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    @matsaki95 I think almost everybody on this platform has sewn it XD
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    @Jase I've actually never had a problem with printing on Linux. Learn about CUPS and the breadth of drivers for it.
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    Some easy troubleshooting steps can often solve the problem. A printer on a network can either be Ethernet (or Wi-Fi) connected, or it can be directly connected via USB to a computer on the network. ... Windows has an Add Printer Wizard accessible from the Devices and Epson Connect Services in the Control Panel. https://epsonsupport247.com/epson-c...
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