When you got an unsecure printer.

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    I'd send a document saying 'we are now in control'

    But seriously, an open network printer? That's a very bad idea xD
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    This is so awesome :D well done mate :)
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    Printers are sketchy tools
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    Should have printed a huge picture of Donald Trump with high gloss and toner usage and say something like: I demand you to love me, put it on the wall.
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    "Sorry, I can't let you print that, Dave!"


    "I'm in your house now"

    Or a nice self made invoice for porn or hooker services ;)
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    Believe it or not.. this type of stuff happened in so many places.. like big ones
    Airports and stuff like that
    They just don't care I guess
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    saw that rant, immediately searched for unsecured printers nearby ... didn't found one :((
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    Many years ago I noticed someone port scanning my system. Fortunately I was protected so he or she couldn't do anything but was running windows 98. So I though lets see if I can do something as a counter attack. Turned out I was able to install the remote printer. So I did and inmediately started to print many pages. With porn.
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    Go to his twitter account. The neighbour threw the printer away
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