My dad got a new phone over the weekend and asked me to help him set it up (TL;DR his IPhone broke, he likely cussed out someone on the phone and now he's on android).

Setting up his bank app, I asked for his password (I somehow knew asking a 80+ year old man password questions wouldn't end well)

<pulls a card out of his wallet>
Dad: "Here you go."
Me: "This is your business card?"
Dad: "Yep. Password is at the bottom. That way I never forget it."
Me: "Jeez dad, you shouldn't have your bank's password on a business card. You don't give these out to people, do you?"
Dad: "Sometimes. Hell, they won't know what that is. Its just a bunch of nonsense."

Luckily the password didn't work. He had to reset it when his IPhone messed up and didn't remember what he changed the password to.

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    Since it was IPhone doesn't it work just with fingerprint sensor?
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    @gitstashio Same apply to Android, it depend of which bank and if it was activated and if they offer it on Android or iPhone. I have seen a bank only permitting extra security options only on iOS 😕. Though it could be a good idea since he keep his bank password on his business cards 😅
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    @gitstashio If memory serves, the fingerprint scanners on both iDevices and Android devices alike aren't very reliable and don't scan very many points of your print. That may not be the best idea.
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