October - Hired

November - Hear that CEO 2 was stealing the company money

December - Dismissing 6 persons. CEO 1 says to me that, since I'm the last hired, I'll be the first dismissed.

March - Company doesn't get better. Dismissing 3 persons... still there.

May - Company doesn't get better. Dismissing 2 persons... still there.

July - Company doesn't get better. Dismissing 9 persons... still there.

Now, with the remaining money the company should live for about 2 years and not dismiss employees anymore.

We were 25 employees, where are 4 now. I feel like the winner of Survivor.

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    PUBG IRL fam
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    is it fun to work in such a enviroment?
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    I was in a similar situation and the morale of the employees was bad and it just kept getting worse through the months.. goodluck! Hope it gets better in your company
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    I wouldn't stay if I were you. Ask yourself if you're satisfied with where you are and how your career is moving, and if you can do something to change it for better if you aren't.
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    To answer your comments :

    - No, it was not fun at all to live all this shit. Very stressful situation, no clear future. Since the beginning, each time there was a "dismiss" meeting, I was "ok, now is time".

    - I stay because we let down the actual project and start on brand new ones. So it's pretty exciting. And I think there is no coincidence, I think that maybe I have my role in the future of the company.

    (sorry if my english is not so good)
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    What is pretty funny, is that less than 3 weeks ago, I was ranting about the situation : https://devrant.io/rants/667731/...

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    The last man standing.
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    Winner winner chicken dinner!
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    Maybe should I try to cross a highway... just to be sure 😂
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    "The Coding Games"
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    I wouldn't consider it a win, rather paid job searching.
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