What is something I can make as a hobby to learn go better? I've made software like a text editor in python, games in Java and c++, software in c, and irc bots in ruby.

Is go used for anything that I can make as a hobby? I'm not in college or out of it yet so I don't have a job as a dev either.


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    @AnonymousMooCow thanks, I'm more of looking for a practical use of Go that would be used in a professional setting (i.e. The languages and projects listed in my op). Regardless I will check out some of those, much thanks!
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    @TheVariant ah sorry. Tbh I struggle with the same thing. Eventually when I think of a new project I want to write, I force myself to do it in whatever language is new to me at the time.
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    @AnonymousMooCow lol ironically I did exactly that.. I wanted to make a discord bot for my friends and i, and its gonna retrieve information from opendota for Dota 2 and many other things. Go has lots of stuff for discord api 😀
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