Serious ask here: does anyone have links to any good articles about companies creating successful integrations with GPT4? Like how the integration works, what it does / value provided from a business perspective, etc.

I'm being amicable today, and want to see if there really have been any truly useful applications of GPT4 yet.

So far all I can find is a complete flood of idiot articles like "I aSkEd GPT tHeSe 5 ThInGs" and "hOw tO uSe cHAtgPT foR FreE"

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    Also inb4 articles which include one sentance answers like "they used GPT4 to help do this!" and then move on. I'm looking for software oriented technical insights
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    Not sure what you expect as an answer.

    But here are a few examples :

    Duolipo max (app for learning new languages)

    Microsoft Bing

    Be my eyes (app that can translate images into text-to-speech for blind persons)

    There is a full list here : https://openai.com/customer-stories
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    For what it's worth, one of my clients (academic platform), uses it to generate digests from live lectures to show as synopsis in the website. And it does a fairly decent job at it.
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    Just ask ChatGPT.
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