I don't like anything political on here, but this is affecting us all, even non-US people.
Today is the day, take a stance, fight for NetNeutrality

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    I just think it's so ridiculous that they're discussing this at all, this is what happens when politicians hear words they don't understand look at the cryptography nonsense that the UK government came out with at least the power on that policy ultimately lies in the opensource community who can just laugh at them and not bother putting the backdoor in!
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    @SvenLovell once it's in the US, more countries are very likely to do the same, especially if the big ISPs can get their way. And what is there to stop the ISPs to block access from outside.
    Soon we might need to pay to access websites hosted in the US.

    Image if you'd have to pay $5 pr month to Verizon because the server DevRant is hosted on, uses Verizon's network infrastructure, and they want money from you to access it
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    @ChainsawBaby well, how can we all help?
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    And for people who don't run a website. But also great to post on social media. I have changed my profile picture and made a few statuses about it already.
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    You placed trump on top, so.... Fuck you
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    @RodrigoF I didn't do anything, I'm from Norway, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    @Alt-Grrr I already have unmetered access, and no speed limit to services, and no blocking either. The only blocking I have come upon, is when surfing the porn sites of the interwebz, and a site has been reported to contain child pornography. Then it's blocked by the ISP on request from Kripos
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    When i use spotify it ignores my mobile data bandwith limit.bits a deal between spotify and my mobile company. And i hear music on mobile data 24/7. So i got a reason to not care so much about NetNeutrality :>
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    @Salmakis I have the same thing in Norway. Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal have free access. I think it is great, but why should it only be limited to those 3 streaming services?

    NKOM (Norwegian Communications Authority) in Norway has issued a request to Telia and Telenor to open up their free streaming option, for the sake of net neutrality
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    Don't worry... Politicians don't understand that Internet will never be controlled by them.
    We are to further away for that.
    They already tried in egipt, blocked all access to the internet... And that only created a new kind of online community....
    Unlike real world, the more oppression the more Internet community will fight...

    Guessing it will just create a few more domestic cyber terrorists in the states, Mr Robot style
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    Hack the government... Power to the people... Sex and love..
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