We all love dark themes right?
Anymore uses ES explorer for Android?
Hey the dark team is back... Just install this bullshit app about car parts that I'll never use and you can change to the dark theme

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    ES was good. Now it's cancer. Too much unwanted obtrusive features. I switched to X-plore, and then, when plugins were becoming too expensive, to Solid Explorer. Now I can address not only Samba, but many many cloud storages, and SSH, and everything.
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    ES File Explorer is bloated now. So I'm still stuck with v4.0.3.2
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    My favorite is Total Commander. I love it on android.
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    @apisarenco gonna try solid.
    Still the default explorer is getting so good then when it gets tabs I'll Uninstall any other..
    Just wishing
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    SolidExplorer FTW
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    ES was the bees knees until they started introducong crap... I uninstalled it about the time they introduced the first "cleaner" (don't remember if it was data, app or whatever). Had a difficult time finding a replacement, but found Total Commander to be the best alternative. It's not perfect, but it's damn close.
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    Actually didn't mind the cleaner... And all the extras... Till they started taking back stuff for freemium and bloatware....
    I don't even mind the pop-ups, if the app is good, but, come on, install a app about mechanics just to use dark theme? Wtf?
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