How do you get over the bad times? I keep having to work with shitty legacy systems that were written in perl and flash in the 90s, but my boss keeps telling me "No" on redoing some of the bigger stuff even though it is really needed. I mean, that is your goal here, right? Rebuilding this POS? FFS you still stored passwords in plain text twoo weeks ago! But no, you's rather dig around in Perl than upset some random user because his fucking interface looks different.

But then I also have to work with another system that I could redo in Cake/Laravel in two weeks (it's literally getting and writing data to one table, so two views and user auth), and the previous dev just... made a huge mess. I mean, why would you need to post data asynchronously when it's this one stupid form ? Just do a regular form submit? And the system is really not suitable for extending, because everything is in the database, EVERYTHING! Like, html form inputs? So to add a simple input to the template I have to create a new input type in the types table and then add that to the form structure table? Only to have the input checked by fucking regex? REGEX! Why? Seriously, this is not some high end CMS that needs this level of code reusability No. This is a simple fucking form.

And I can't get it to work. No documentation of course. No comments, either. All of this makes me feel like I'm just the shittiest dev ever. I feel dumb, and useless. Haven't turned on my private PC in weeks because I see no reason to work on any of my own stuff.

I used to have a job, working with Magento and Wordpress. And yeah, it was horrible, it was chaos, but it was fun and I was great at it. I bent that motherfucking system to fit my needs. People respected my opinion, they were convinced I could program this and that, and I proved them right. Did I make mistakes? Hell yeah. Did I give up? Fuck no!

But now, I just feel like I can't even write a simple fucking form any more. I'm just so close to giving up on development as a whole, even though I love it so much.

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    Start with dat second mess: just do it your way and show it when ready. Even spend your private time since it can protect you from burn out! Been there, done that!!! Then convince your boss to use your solution. Small steps but it will help you.
    For the first mess: light up the version control and all backups. Say "ups" and restart the whole shit 😬
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    Have a beer, go to a park and watch hot woman go places, think about updating windows 10 in syria... stay sharp man! POSITIVE WHOOOO!
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    @miau, repeat the last two phrases of that forelast paragraph to yourself and relax, go and get youself a cup of hot chocolate milk... Turn on your own pc and do something fun. There is always tomorrow, and if your boss complains, tell him/her you're a developer, not an archeologist.
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    Find something to work on, I am for example commiting to Debian, and writing my own open source game.
    Unlike my job it does give me shitload of fun and feels very good to help other people :)
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