When Back-end try Front-end...

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    I love the fact that you could press 1 and end up on either the 2nd or 3rd floor
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    What the fuck am I looking at
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    "but it works!"
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    It goes with the new trend that no UI is better.. Something like that
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    I'm guessing G is "ground" which is street level and in some countries it is called floor 1. So I believe the elevator was built in a country with "ground" but placed in a country with "floor 1". Second level is marked 1 on the elevator but it's actually a lobby with a double height so there will be just one elevator door and a set of stairs.

    Edited: so it's actually a front end built over a legacy backend. It's pretty common for me as an Android developer to build the app using an existing API created for the web. Perhaps that's why I understand 😝
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    @Eariel Arrays should be zero indexed.
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    This made me cry. Please take it away, it's so painful
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