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    Be a boss, you will have more time
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    3D Artist is nothing, come on and hop over to After Effects
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    @edXius you will be waiting for the others to get the work done. 😬They're working
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    Sadly with modern computers and connection you dont realy need to wait that long :c
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    I wish this was true, I hardly have any spare time at all 😣
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    I wonder what a web dev has to upload to wait such a long time cuz i wanna do it too .
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    @haithamSboui if the company provides quality info to distributors then you'll be uploading several gb of data every month from internet servers to the webserver. Unless the company/you is smart and sets it up to happen automatically. And if you do it you can take a break and claim that it's still uploading without anyone knowing better.
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    Haha, the consultant one is spot on!
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    @khadez If they do more than html and css (so basically any decent web dev), yes.
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    @SpectralKH yep 24 Hour render is nothing...
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    I'm not an expert but the sysadmin one seems wrong. Nowadays companies use SSD only servers that boot up in seconds.
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    @SHA-256 After Effects is basically adding the dimension of time. A specific render time doesn't justify much, as it depends on what render time you aim to stay under, specs, skill (as in how much detail you put into it) etc
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