today has been one of the worst day of my life

- the parking situation went out of hand : i bought a new car 2 days ago, nd since last 2 days i have been just taking it out to practice for 1 hr in morning with the trainer. today one of our pesky neighbour took this opportunity and parked in our spot. i had to call my friend in the early morning to get it parked in a place far away from home . my new car is parked in an unsafe place , just because the neighbour wants to make me mad 😭

- office announced that since cto is coming, you must do wfo fod next 2 days. our office is tuesday nd Thursday, now i will have to go on friday too. plus our team lead is coming, so next weekend is going to be 4days wfo. they are giving random surprises, why not just tell us that its full wfo?

- one of our neighbour's bike got stolen in plain sight. our road is usually having a lot of people going around whole day, as its opposite to park. nd those neighbours have a hon ground floor, so they are almost always outside. we have installed a camera just 2 days ago, nd that caught the incident live. i am 100% sure that if my car had been parked here today, then it would have been my car 😭😭😭

- we friends went for a night stroll in my car. the car was mine, but my friend was driving it as he's experienced. we stopped at a food joint. i took the key from him for sometime because i was having fun playing with it . then when we were heading out, our key was gone!
i almost had a mini heart attack. my friends were not messing up with me. fortunately the restaurant had cameras , so we requested for cctv footage. in the footage we found that i accidentally put the key in the restaurant menu. and that fucking guy had taken away the menu!!!
imagine if he had given that menu to someone else 😭😭😭. our car would have been gone in a moment, as we were not even seeing the car from the window. imagine if the restaurant didn't had the fucking cameras 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

life fucks super bad in a moment of truth

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    Righto, so, shit happens.
    Life is bound to get better.
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    having a car is stressful, wait til your first car crash, mine almost gave me a stroke

    for continuity...

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    That’s sounds like it could be a lot worse lol
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    Wow. You are pretty damn lucky to still have that new car.
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    Is the parking space a space you own or is one that's indicated for you to park in? Or is it one that you always use and your nabes parked in it to annoy you?
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    Why did you buy a new car?
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    @happygimp0 same reason as human created wheels
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    kinda our spot. the 1st floor owner is a 22 yo kid whose parents got divorced, father left the home and later their mom died. they used to have a lot of money and 2-3 cars, but now since only the kids are left, they are probably debt ridden and sold off all their cars, nd a few other stuff

    the spot has been idle for days, nd we were planning to buy a car for months. we bought the car, kept it their for 2 days, in morning i tool it for driving and when i came back , he had parked his friend's car
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    @dotenvironment That doesn't explain why the new car (and not a older car).

    Apparently, from your post, you don't have much driver experience, does a new car really make sense in this situation?
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    @happygimp0 its a personal thing and should not matter whether new or old. we mainly went for new because good old cars were also not very cheap, and we had a bad experience with a 2nd hand car 10 years ago. instead of spending a lot on repairs and part replacement ls, a new basic model is a better choice
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    @TheCommoner282 dude shut up. you are trying to shoot down an already dying man.. when your days are going bad and you live in a religious family , you end up connecting everything to "god's plan" , "karma" and other stuff. my point in the post was that my place is prone to robberies and i am worried that my car is not under a cctv.

    and yeah, the neighbours is a prickly little asshole who wants to play quid pro quo. he is making demands from us that will be damaging the value of our home by 30-50% , nd this is not the first time. we live on the top floor and have roof rights, so once upon a time his water tank got damaged, he didn't repaired and rather made the same demands.

    we ended up fixing his tank just so as to prevent leak damage to our roof
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