I'm freaked out like I have never been freaked out before. My pinky finger (don't know what the actual name for it is) started to get itchy about two days ago and steadily got worse and now it's gotten to the point that it's almost numb and vibrates constantly. I guess it's because I use my laptop's keyboard and repeatedly use Shift or Ctrl keys. Anyways just wanted to share my panicky day with you all and wish you healthy fingers.

P.S. I ordered an ergonomic keyboard just today but still, you know how much we need our fingers, I have the right to panic here!

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    That really sounds like carpal tunnel syndrome. Hope you get better with your new keyboard.
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    Wrist rest is what you need my doood
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    Curse of the broken pinky swear
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    Go see a medial professional. I've been ignoring hand pain for years and the "fix" is so simple I hate myself for putting up with it so long... freaking ice massages along my forearm to relax the muscles and make circulation better... it's worth going just to even hear that nothing is wrong and you're healthy.
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    @taylorviktorya @theScientist Yeah I'm going to visit a doctor this week. Just as well bought an ergonomic keyboard today. I'm not taking any chances though. I'm not sure how to survive not working as a developer.
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    Hope its nothing serious!
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