The moment, when a "vr ready" alienware laptop (which is crap, because alienware is crap) cant handle a selfmade vr game made with unity3d...

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    Does it handle other VR games?
    If yes, then the problem is elsewhere.
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    Since when Alienware is crap? 😌
    I never heard something like that before... Why?
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    @PRein it depends on the game. But I can tell u, the laptop is the problem (gtx 1060 and NO SSD...)
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    @lo98be for the price of this laptop u could build up 3 desktop pc with the same specs (fcking no ssd, which computer, that is specialized on gaming has no ssd?)
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    Desktops aren't laptops πŸ˜“
    Even if Alienwares are not-so-portable, they are laptops... You can't have the same thing, custom motherboards used on a couple of models? They cost a lot
    And the SSD thing, I don't think it's hard to replace itπŸ˜…
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    I've lost faith in Alienware since Dell bought them
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