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<pre id=p><script>n=setInterval("for(n+=7,i=k,P='p.\\n';i-=1/k;P+=P[i%2?(i%2*j-j+n/k^j)&1:2])j=k/i;p.innerHTML=P",k=64)</script>

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    Captain here:
    It's plotting a modified hyperbolic function in ASCII using 2 characters, with the parameter to the function being the frame number.
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    Nice! I feared rm -rf / 😌
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    @lo98be yes this too, it added the task to be executed when you write more than 20 lines of code without saving
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    This is a sudoku solver, it works just passing an array of 81 numbers as first parameter (0 for void tiles):

    function R(a,i,j,m,g){for(i=80;a[i];i--||A);for(m=10;g=a[i]=--m;g&&R(a))for(j in a)g*=i==j||a[j]^m||i/9^j/9&&i%9^j%9&&i/27^j/27|i%9/3^j%9/3}
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    @apisarenco Wow, can you come to my party! You sound fun :D
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    @tisaconundrum how can I sound anything if all you did is read my letters? Your inner voice that was reading me message sounded fun. You think you're fun. Wow, some arrogance there. Tone it down, will ya? :)
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