When you have no work to do at work because the ball is in other people's court. And you need to stay at work for another 6 hours..

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    Time to set up my autoHotkey configs :D
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    This is when I start automating other boring parts of my job. So far:
    - automated clocking in and out from the time clock web app.
    - automated generic responses to some emails, "taking a look at that now", "well it worked on dev!"...
    - automated live database backups to local system.
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    Grab a coffee break and then look at all the task that weren't set as highest priority
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    // TODO: work on side project...
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    I have way too many pet projects. Probably doesn't help that I get loaned and borrowed across the company for random projects. The work literally never ends. But, hey, job security!
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