# Honestly, no intention of starting a holy war;

Been a Linux guy for over 9 years spanning school, college and my previous job years;

Now I have to use Windows at my new job. I know very little abt this os and it has never been among my strong skills (only used it for gaming);

What's more intriguing is that my current company's entire infrastructure is Windows based - which I had no idea that it could be possible at such a large scale;

I don't know about what I feel about this whole thing. But what I know is that I don't wanna shy away from it. I love the job and the role (only just if it was Linux, it'd be perfect).

Just need this for a future reflection:
Can anyone confirm if it's the same with other investment banks/financial services institutions etc. infrastructure?

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    I can confirm banks
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    Been in Telecom, and a fortune 500 retail company, both with mostly Windows infrastructure.

    The best part of a Windows infrastructure is its Active Directory feature, which allows extreme ease in handling access and enforcing security policies. Since most people in the organization would find it better to work with Windows anyway (MS Office, cheap PCs), it's a win-win.

    As for stability - if the IT team is strong, and security issues are dealt with proactively, there is no problem with that. System stability shines. We had a 10 year old server on Windows with an uptime of 3 years and there was no reason to restart it.

    So really all the hate is in vain. I used all 3 major OSes, and the only one that I've had a bad experience with was Mac OS. As for Linux and Windows - I use them both, with a bit of love and hate.
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    I've never seen people *not* use windows corporately. I occasionally see macs in schools or private use. But mostly windows everywhere.
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    Idem at the bank I worked at (biggest of Europe if I remember). And it honestly feels like marching on eggs, anything could stop working any second in a number of different ways.

    Technical support became my best friend :)
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    Been in a company where you could choose between Mac/Win/Linux. Boss used Mac as well as the administrative people, dot net guys used Windows and the rest of the people used Linux.

    Not sure about many other companies though but I know that some around here at least use LibreOffice for the sake of costs.
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    @linuxxx I also like LibreOffice simply because it can open CSV files properly without too much fuss.
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    What would your company do when there's a windows update ?
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    Almost every atm runs windows fucking xp
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    I work for a large government paying agency and it's all Windows.
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    I worked for one of the biggest telcos in latin america and I can confirm: Everything is Windows with a big cash support contract with Microsoft
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