Me - "Has anyone changed the password on the print computer"
Him - "It's the same one."
Me - "Carrots99?"
Him - "Yeah, what's the message that comes up?
Me - "Password is incorrect."

The dumbest conversation I've ever had in my fucking life. You little shit, I know you changed the password just to fuck with people. You've been reading too many books on elevating yourself, tried to be important for something. It means fuck all if you can't remember what you changed it to. So you held up two hours of my work, not to mention everyone else, because you can't help but stick your beak in shit. You dont think people can't see what youre doing? Watching you scurry over to the computer with a big smile, only a to fuck off silent as a mouse not to be seen mumbling some shit about a system administrator. Yeah you forgot it you prick.

Stop sucking up to the boss, and commanding people on what to do, when you're as junior as junior gets. Don't change our fucking passwords, just so you can have the whole team approach you the next day asking for you, then not remember them. You cunt.

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    Top ranting!
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    I think you should tell us how you really feel tho.
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    That's awesome. Give that guy a high five, on his face...with a chair.

    Deep-throating motherfucker
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    On a scale of 0 to Letmecode, I give you a 9.
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    @Harold So people can't print stuff remotely. Amirite, @linuxer4fun?
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    Why did he have access to the passwords in the first place?
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    boolean passCheck(String
    if (employee.isJunior)
    boolean giveEmployeeAbiltyToChangeOtherPasswords = false;
    return giveEmployeeAbiltyToChangeOtherPasswords;

    As a junior junior myself I don't even want my own password half the time. I don't want to end up like that poor guy who nuked the prod database on his first day
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    @loopback If the employee isn't a junior, the bool is null
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    This company has a sales team. They also use the print terminal so someone has stuck the password on top of the monitor
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    @filthyranter sadism on highest level... Made possible by LINUX

    "LINUX: biggest virus in history, morphs your 1tb hdd into a 8gb usb "
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    @linuxer4fun How to remove virus:

    Repartition your 1TB HDD
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    @filthyranter with the windows partition tool??? Are you mad??!
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    @linuxer4fun Who said I was going to use Windows for that? Boot off of a Linux live image, GParted, clear the whole disk, create new raw partitions, boot into Windows, format those who need NTFS as NTFS, the others can be formatted in Linux beforehand (I know you could format it as NTFS in Linux, too, but eh)
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