How many devs here never joined a college and now are in good place in a company or freelancing? How did you get your job?

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    i joined but never finished, so pretty close. This was 10 years ago though.

    I would suggest if you don't go, or like me don't finish, but still want to pursue the dev world, then learn in depth the languages / frameworks you do use and always have a portfolio of projects ready for show and throw your best into the real world if possible to be able to demo or have companies use them.

    I got my current job by applying for a job i wasn't "qualified" in doing based on the job requirements. Several years later im still here.
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    I did join college but I dropped out. While college isn't a big factor in getting jobs, motivation is.

    I dropped out when I saw potential after working at my current job for half a year. While I don't regret dropping out I wouldn't advise it to the people who don't live to code (and already have a job). It does make things a little bit harder. Since you're always going to have to go the extra mile to prove yourself.

    If you can get yourself a good job while still in college you might have the skills to prove yourself. If not, then I would not drop out so getting a job would be easier.
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    I dropped out of college for a totally different major. But after years of soul searching and realizing what I wanted to do for a living, I decided to become a programmer. I learned all of the necessary languages in depth, practiced them, learned more languages, practiced those, and then I started freelancing by ordering a bunch of business cards and handing them out, as well as signing up for some freelancing sites.
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    I never finished uni and I now have a very very well paid job in software at a huge company.

    I got the job as they headhunted me from my last place.
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    Never went to university.

    Working as a developer, i said to my boss give me 10 minutes to show you my skills.
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