Got rejected from an interview... It sucks πŸ˜₯πŸ˜«πŸ˜–

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    They don't deserve you. You'll get a better job elsewhere.
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    Fuck them! You're too good =)
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    Best of luck on the next interview ☺️
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    That is my daily routine. Then what can I do? Review, do, review. Be better next time. Go to less completion job to make a better chance
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    Don't worry. A better one is waiting for you
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    I knew one girl, that was rejected because she is too pretty, and would distract male coworkers. May be it's your case too ;) Don't worry, you will find better work anyway
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    Time for some freeeelance magic!
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    You was supposed to put your mouth on their genitals. Next time remember your tissues or if you really want to impress a silk handkerchief goes miles.
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