I've become so numb , I can't feel you there.

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    Short answer, cause I like music and now he can't make more.
    Long answer involves moral and existential ambiguity about the acceptability of death that you could tear shreds into. But let's not deal with that.
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    These wounds they will not heal.

    Las time I saw Chester live was about a month ago. Another unforgettable moment.
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    You my dear friend had atleast chance to see him live :( @ejmin
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    People here like off-topic, but this seems to be waaay too far.
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    @Letmecode cause if coffee is your addiction, music is mine.
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    In this case music was not life.
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    @coldfire however those who make music seem to undoubtedly strive to that end.
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    @Letmecode Sure we do. i dont hear music made for egoistic maniacs.
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    @Letmecode You know very well to how to seek attention. It is about doing such great work that people miss u after ur death. They feel sad cause you are not there. That requires genuine hardwork and talent something out of your scope.
    And most of your rants are you whining about some shit tech or other assholes like you. and enough of this shit. just LET ME CODE.
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    @Letmecode No it didn't . Cause i still have my long silky natural hair. and also it's not empty as yours. 😱😱😱
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    @Letmecode Naah just easing down to your level. i guess Stupidity is really contagious.
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    @Letmecode Unlike you , i have work to do. Thanks for entertaining me. Show yourself out anytime you please.

    @for_everyone_else sorry you had to witness this shitshow.
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    ... lovely weather today isn't it :)
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    No rules against off topic posts

    Don't feed the trolls, down vote and move on.

    ++ op for dealing with toxic shit posts
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    A dev ranting about the loss of a favorite artist.

    There's so many image memes which are only tangentially related to dev (the floor is java, haha, how funny) that this rant doesn't seem so off topic.

    I didn't like their music much, but for most 80s kids they were a very influential genre defying band.
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    In the end, it didn't even matter.
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