I only listen to -
Linking park
LinkedIn Park
Linked Park

Damn autocorrect .....

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    LinkedIn Park? Do they sing job opportunities?

    *I'll show my self out*
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    @jalebiBhai ^__^
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    We areeeeeee..... the Javascript boys.
    We do frontttt
    Weeeeeee doooooo back
    Weee doooooo hybrid tooooooo
    Oh yeah ...We areeeeee the Javascripttt boys
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    it starts with one opening
    I don't know why
    it doesn't even matter how hard we try
    keep in mind i was never able to find the right candidate
    All I know
    We offer an interesting salary

    *Showing my self out again*
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    @gitpush I can closely relate to windows
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    *Sits in the corner, waiting to see what people will post*

    *Likes the changed lyrics*

    *Random people walking in front*

    Don't mind me...

    That is why I never ever use an autocorrect function.
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    @BlueNutterfly guess I'll join you, I'm afraid someone reads my lyrics and starts looking for me T_T
    I knew I'm not a good song writer but meh...
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    @BlueNutterfly The ++ Goddess is here
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    @jalebiBhai Don't call me a Goddess...
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    @BlueNutterfly humble as usual 😀
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    @BlueNutterfly I have been thinking of disabling autocorrect since last 1 month. I Might take one more month to actually disable it.
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    1600 ++ ... Thanks
    Just need 48400 more
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    @jalebiBhai good thing you are not asking for too much lol
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    But in the end, does it even matter?
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    @olback yeah, as"I become numb"
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    But look ..."what I've done"
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    Oh man, Numb and In The End, you just can't have enough of those songs
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    @gitpush epic songs ...Again and again
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    tired of using Windows, like I used to be
    Feeling so useless, Want to crush under surface
    Dont know what microsoft is expeeeecting from it
    Dozens of bloatware, which nobody everrrr useeeee
    No more using it, yeah no more using it
    Every time i reboot, is anathor mistake to youuuu ( windows ).....
    NoMore using it, yeah nomore using it

    Aaaaaiiiiii become so dumb, I can't use it nowww
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    @jalebiBhai 😂😂😂😂😂
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    One thing, I don't know why
    Doesn't even matter how much RAM you buy
    Keep that in mind, I design this rhyme, in reboot time
    Allllll Iiiiiii want.....
    OS that boots in time,
    Value for money, don't cost much dime
    Only one update in a month,
    Don't force me slang his mum,
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    @jalebiBhai hahaha well played man well played. I guess your only solution will be using Linux :P
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    Should have used, the OS ( linux ), that I ignored
    We say its brilliance, when the worldddd...... was Asleeeep ( using Windows )
    There are things ( in Windows ), we can have, but can't use ( incompatible and buggy )
    If they say,
    Who care if one more linux comes out,
    In a sky of billion stars ( microsoft users )
    It will .... Suffer... suffer
    Who care if windows suck thing out,
    If Only for a moment that it really work out,
    It will be .... better ...B etter .... better ...
    Well .... Iiiii ....doooo
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    We saw* it's brilliance
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