This week is the week of planning ahead for the whole left year upto beginning of next year.

My tongue has muscle soreness, my brains gyri are straightened out, my throat is hoarse... And talking really feels like licking a cactus.

I. Hate. Talking.

Just one more day with 8 hours of meetings.


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    whaa, you plan that much ahead... I'll consider myself lucky if I know what I'll be working on next week...
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    @We3D it's not uncommon in middle management.

    e.g. planning ahead for resources like hardware.

    It's mostly a "what is expected in the next months and what do we need to prepare" thing.

    Devs are lucky to not be bothered by that.

    Planning that far ahead is always an annoying dance of too many variables and variances.
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    @IntrusionCM I see... count 1 & 4 me ;)
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    @We3D what you mean by count?

    Brain cannot compute. Brain sad. *sobs*
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    @IntrusionCM RightO, xor F9 4 me then ;}
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    @We3D now you're just a meanie....
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    @IntrusionCM just kidding, relax and enjoy d break. it's saturday after all =]
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    @We3D yeah. Thx. Currently chained to the couch cause it's too warm outside and I'm too tired. Have a nice weekend, too.
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    "My tongue has muscle soreness,"

    Some people would call that a bonus, depending on how it came to be.
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