It's embarassing and you guys will find it either rude or annoying but I have readied myself and here goes my confession;

Whenever I see the abbreviation for Command line interface I cringe. You know because cli ? And I read it in my head as 'Kli' which is like the shortened form of a female part ?
I can't just read it as "See, el, ai" or think 'Command line interface' directly.
My brain's first thought is it must be an acronym so you should read it like how you would read NASA which is also an acronym and not like 'cmd' which is not an acronym but just an abbreviation.
Thus whenever I see it I feel a mixture of embarassment, self-loathing and physical discomfort.

I wonder how can I not be embarassed and cringing whenever I see Something-CLI.
I just noticed when it's in uppercase I don't cringe as much. I should code a chrome extension to change all CLI abbreviations to upper case.

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    Yeah, it should be uppercase'd but I can't say that I physically cringe when I see it otherwise.

    Nor does my mind immediately go to clit... 😐
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    @Alt-Grrr I do calligraphy I like pens, I like ball point pens, technical pens, mechanical pens fountain pens, square nib pens, dip pens, oblique dip pens
    Why don't I get a pen ??
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    @Marnsghol Pen..is perhaps?
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    'not an acronym but just an abbreviation' doesn't make sense. An acronym IS an abbreviation. CLI is an initialism, which is another kind of abbreviation.

    Sorry, I know that few people care, I just had to get that off my chest.
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    There needs to be no shame talking about the cli. Some need a road map just to find it, so it's best to communicate. When you do find it, don't just go bashing away wildly. The CLI is sensitive, do always calibrate your input. There may be a timeout, so establish a rythm & stick to it.
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    Why all this shame and discomfort?

    I just get turned on little whenever I use the cli. Open it up, enjoy the color scheme, the excitement of limitless possibilities, the sense of exploration culminating in the highest peaks of enjoyment. If you're a bit afraid, I can teach you how to use the cli effectively...
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    @Fydrenak You are right it's an initialism. But I think that sentence makes sense acronyms are abbreviations that can be read as a word in it's self. Like the example Nasa I gave. Thus what I meant to say is my brain's first response to such an abbreviation isn't thinking it's an initialism but an acronym which results in the embarassing cringe moments I was talking about. And language is interesting so i think people will care.
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    @bittersweet Thats oddly romantic but also kinda creepy 🤣
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    @unfuckers-inc Yeah you just made everything worse 😂
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    @Marnsghol Yeah you're right there, the part that I think technically doesn't make sense is 'just an abbreviation', I don't think it's possible to be just an abbreviation and not something else, it's like making an object of an abstract class :D
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    ... cli rhymes with sky
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    @chadd17 Haha, I think it rhymes with 'free'.
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