We are using a shitty language and a even more shitty IDE at our company for our software.
I'm quite new to this, so I don't know all sorta stuff.

Was writing an addition to a convertion from an old system to a new one.
Needed to "Map" Strings to IDs, so I used a switch case to determine the needed IDs.

Because that fuckin horseshit has no realtime errors (just at compile time...) I didn't realize that there is no such thing as strings in switch case in this language.
So I wrote this whole fuckin shit and when I compiled I got massive list of errors.

So I had to redo that shit with If, Else If... And that motherfucker just crashed on me...

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    I feel u, bro!
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    Could you please name that specific IDE and language?
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    The IDE is just called "Team Developer".
    And the language is SAL/SQL Windows. I don't really know the official language name tbh.

    Developed by Gupta Technologies
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    India. I feel you, bro. This can't end well.
    Are there any better IDEs for your technology? If so, bring it up to your boss. Offer them you buy it for yourself and if your productivity increases, they will refund your expense.
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    The problem is that there's only that one IDE for that language. So a complete rewrite of our software would be needed...

    But ye... A new language would be so much better for our company and I probably will be talking to my boss about this soon
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    Your from India, I presume. Did I missed? If else - where is the Gupta company from?
    Ok, sorry, I checked your profile.
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    A quick wiki search said that that company is located in California. But idk

    No problem Mate :)
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    Registration country says nothing, imho. Gupta=india :-D
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