Devrant? Who are gou guys? Is it a startup? A side project? Just curious :-)

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    Analyzing their behavior, I'd say it's a startup.

    * Offering free stuff (stickers) when they had no monetization policy.
    * Quite a lot of expenses on infrastructure development and maintenance.

    It doesn't mean that it's VC financed, it can be just them, since it's not THAT expensive to do this, but at the same time I don't see why a small VC wouldn't make a small investment in such a venture to get things going faster. Monetization already exists so I would expect at least the operational costs to be covered.

    I'd be interested to see the marketing strategy and expected earnings over time if it is indeed a commercial project.
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    It's a side project as they both have day jobs.
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    @nblackburn is correct.

    It's a side project for us and we're completely self-funded by @trogus and myself.
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    @dfox out of interest, do the devRant++ subscriptions cover the operation costs? (or, to what degree)
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