!dev related but is a rant

I don't think that either Mark Zuckerberg nor Elon Musk are experts on AI but I'd agree more with Musk than Zuckerberg.

Zuckerberg made a website, that's not rocket science.
Musk made a reusable rocket, that is rocket science.

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    Agreed. Also, zuckerberg stole the idea
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    Zucks hasn't been involved in anything that clever (all solved problems), Musk has.
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    I think you shouldn't adress this 'thing' looking to how successful or clever which one is... They shared opinions mixed with business stuff... If you look strictly to what which one thinks on subject (not about the other) you will find that Musk seems more "agreeable" just for the fact that he reckons that it's a complex subject and is yet to be totally understood and developed... We don't know if in the future a powerful AI will be able to beat the human mind. Just for that you have to be cautious addressing the topic...
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    @nervousDev I completely agree with you. That's why I don't think Zuckerberg should be describing Musk's hypothesis as 'irresponsible'
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    @cmarshall10450 yap.. always keep in mind that they will use those affirmations to include business oriented messages... They are not dumb that is for sure..
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    Mark Zuckerberg owns a building of programmers who makes websites.

    Elon musk owns a building of engineers/scientific who build rockets.

    They are just businessman's with vision and revolutionary ideas, but other people build that ideas.
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    @Nestrand yes, that's how most companies work.
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    @Nastrand Indeed... however musk also works on a lot of design and development directly though so I'd say he's not "just a businessman"
    (I don't know just how much of the work he does but of course he can't do all of it alone)
    + I don't know how much Zuckerberg still works directly at developing stuff at Facebook so can't really compare / comment for his side of that question
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    Everyone here that thinks FB is just a nice website forgets or doesn't know about FB's AI research group. The lead developer of the Paris office presented some of the open source AI projects that they have going at BotCon in Cape Town about 2 months ago and was even looking for people who had also done research in order to share ideas.
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    They both know a thing or two about AI

    Mark for the way Facebook harnesses our data

    And Elon for how his SpaceX rockets fricking land and get better at it every time.
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