What's your opinion on Ruby on Rails vs Java?

I'm honestly leaning towards Java for no other reason than look of the code and the fact that it's what my school teaches for comp sci.

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    I like Java. Why? Because I like Java.
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    @ryanmhoffman I like coffee too man but what do you think about the language ;)
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    @s3id0n hahaha seriously though...Java.
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    Coding in Ruby is bliss.

    Rails is pretty nice, too.
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    if those are the choices - cobol
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    I tend to like Java more too. It is more expressive, yes, but is has less magic you'd not expect. At first the neat syntax of Ruby feels nice but when something doesn't work as you'd expect you gotta read a lot to get what happens in the background.
    For Java you have great tools which generate a big part of the code so you don't have to write all the expressiveness yourself. And then those tools can tell you everything you need.

    I just like Java. It's a great tool.
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